The Wisdom of a Cobbler

by: Sid Crowe

Peter Keal, a busy stock broker.

Howard Stord, a struggling young writer.

Ellen Reese, a depressed grocery clerk.

Daniel Marr, an lying insurance salesman.

Nancy Vecksworth, an under-recognized police officer.

All of these people have two things in common. First, they live in New York City. Second, their lives have been drastically changed my one man – Vernon Marshall Vernon is the person who says exactly the right words at exactly the right time. Is it fate or is it sheer brilliance?

In this collection of short stories, Sid Crowe takes the reader on several journeys that all play into a greater composition. These stories are guaranteed to entertain anyone who is willing to give them a shot. By the end of the novel, Sid reveals his greatest struggle as an artist.

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Type: Paperback

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