May 04, 2015


Aaron's Inventions

Tradition is, most of the time, a protection against the unknown. Because things have been a certain way for a long time, we believe that it is for the best. For Aaron Dentstik, this was not the case. Ever since his adventures at a young age, Aaron couldn’t grasp why things were the way that they were. At the age of six, he refused to wear shoes. Even when he was forced to, by the illusion of authority his elders had, Aaron would always take them off whenever he got the chance.

He liked the feeling of the dirt in his feet. He liked the feeling of the warm concrete and the texture of wet leaves between his toes. Aaron was young and he, like most children, paid attention to what he desired. His bliss was his compass. At age twelve, Aaron refused to play sports. He was simply not interested in them. Even in his physical education class, Aaron refused to participate.

Since children were not able to fail at such a young age, Aaron passed his classes with the lowest grade possible. As time wore on, Aaron was moulded by the hands of the unspoken rules of tradition. The lucky thing about Aaron was that he was just a tad bit less moulded than others. You see, in their ripe ages, children are human beings in their purest form. They know no manners and speak their mind. They disregard social norms and act in alignment with their heart.

As they age, they receive constant reminders as to why they shouldn’t act how they naturally would. A filter is placed upon their mind which teaches them to think “would this be acceptable” before they act. But Aaron was less easy to mould. He did mould but just slightly less than others.

By the time he made it to high school, Aaron wore shoes. He spoke with manners and when he thought something that was inappropriate, he would keep it to himself – most of the time. When Aaron neared the end of his high school career, he was like most boys, with one exception. The exception is that Aaron had never cut his hair. Ever since he was born, it was the one thing his parents could not get him to do. By the time he was seventeen, his hair flowed down to his lower back.

When people asked him why he had grown it so long, he would simply reply with “because I like it.” Time after time, Aaron would get made fun of but he didn’t care to understand why.

“Arron,” said one of his teachers “what are your plans for after high school?”

“Well, Mr. Anderson, I think I’d like to work for Entripe, the telephone manufacturer.”

“Entripe?” Asked Mr. Anderson “What would you like to do with Entripe?”

“I want to be an inventor.”

“An inventor? What do you want to invent?”

“If I knew that now, I would have done it already.” Said Aaron with such certainty. The one thing Aaron did not lack was certainty. He always believed in his ideas to the point that his teachers made him see a psychologist who admitted Aaron was not normal but did not identify as anything this psychologist had ever studied.

Laughingly, Mr. Anderson replied “well I’m glad you’ve got something in mind. How do you intend to get a job there? What will you study first?”

“I’m not going to study Mr. Anderson.” Said Aaron.

“How so? How else will you get a job at Entripe?”

“I will be smart. That’s what they need. They need someone who can see the future. They need someone like me.”

“I’m glad you’re so confident, Aaron, but in reality, people need to study and get an education before they can work for a company like Entripe.”

“That’s where I think you’re wrong, Mr. Anderson. I believe that they need smart people. Not educated people. And if they’re smart they will want me.”

“Well Aaron, I wish you all the best with that. After you graduate, you’re always welcome to come back and visit.”

“I’ll make sure I do, Mr. Anderson.”

As time passed, Mr. Anderson grew more curious about Aaron. He was the only one in his grade to not pursue post-secondary education. Three years passed and he heard no word from Aaron.

Meanwhile Aaron had, by sheer will, forced his way into Entripe. The hiring managers swore they would never hire someone without education or experience but Aaron made them go against their word. In fact, it wasn’t their choice that he got hired. Aaron had developed a new way for phones to store information which was ten times as efficient as it currently was. This meant that phone batteries would only have to be charged once every two weeks.

He brought this technology to the head developer at Entripe and said “I want a job here.”

The head developer put his neck on the line and convinced the board of directors that this kid needed to be hired at the ripe age of eighteen and a half.

Upon being hired, Aaron was given the freedom to design. He designed new types of hardware that most people could not dream of. He made himself indispensable. With his long hair and his quirky attitude, Aaron was not the most sociable person in the company. He was not sociable but he was talented.

In one meeting, Aaron decided that it was his time to reveal the most powerful technology he had ever created. He called it the Neurological Programming Tool. He developed a technology that would monitor all things that related to your health. The technology would have to be surgically installed and would never need to be updated.

This new technology would help you program your mind to optimize its function. This Neurological Programming Tool would tell you when to sleep, when to have a nap, when to eat more protein or carbohydrates. The new technology would remind you that you were dehydrated or that you needed to use the washroom.

The most revolutionary part of this technology was the fact that you could program your brain to work for you. You could say that you wanted to optimize life to be relaxed, to be productive, to be happy or to be courageous. Whatever it is you wanted, whatever state you wanted to live in at the moment you could program yourself to feel that way.

If you wanted to be happy, the technology would suggest different activities that would increase your level of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. This technology was nothing short of genius.

As Aaron explained this new technology that he had been working on, he was met with blank stares. People in the boardroom couldn’t comprehend how this technology was relevant. They could not picture people getting technology surgically implanted. He got questions like “So what, are we opening a hospital too?” and “How many units will we sell in the first month?” and “what sort of psycho are you?”

To all of these questions, Aaron had one reply. His reply was a mixture of complete disgust and compassion for these people because they didn’t have the capability to see the importance of this machine of his. His reply was “do you need me to explain it again, or are you all too dumb to understand why this is important?”

This type of response never settles well with educated people. The unfortunate part about this is that true genius always scares false genius. Sure, making a phone work better takes a certain level of intelligence but advancing the human race takes a separate level. The latter is a level of intelligence that scares most people.

In the end, Aaron was fired from Entripe. At this point he went back and spoke to Mr. Anderson. Although Aaron was upset, Mr. Anderson was impressed with his story. Mr. Anderson was so impressed, he decided to be the first person to try Aaron’s technology. He was the first person, aside from Aaron of course.

As time went on, word got out about Aaron’s new Neurological Programming Tool. Eventually, all high level executives and politicians were using his tool. It’s not that they were the only ones who could afford it, it was less than the cost of an oil change for your car. The reason only people in high stakes positions dared to try it is because the type of people who get to those positions, don’t get there by sheer luck. They get there by meticulous research and taking chances.

Aaron was the most meticulous researcher and he took more chances than most. Three years passed and Aaron “died.” His body stopped working during an experiment but he foresaw this and downloaded his consciousness to his cloning machine. And three days after he died, he was alive and well in a new body. He did not start a religion or get any holidays in his name. Resurrection has already been done. That’s old news.

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